What is freeway insurance and who needs freeway insurance | freeway insurance

What is freeway insurance? Freeway insurance is a type of insurance that provides additional coverage for your vehicle if you have an accident on the freeway. The California Highway Patrol warns that in 2016, there have been 17 deaths on state highways. It’s said that the no-fault insurance system has greatly reduced the number of … Read more

Fred Loya Insurance who owns Fred Loya insurance and the owner of Fred Loya Insurance | Fred Loya Insurance

Fred Loya Insurance With the average American family owing $21,686 in credit card debt and $161,072 in mortgage debt according to a recent study done by Nerd Wallet and AOL Money & Finance respectively and with unemployment still hovering around 9%, it’s no wonder you’re considering purchasing life insurance. While life insurance might seem like a luxury purchase … Read more