Complex Tasks, Simple Instructions

by Ah Yen on July 14th, 2012 | Posted in LevelUp | Tags: , , ,

Picture this.

You have a HUGE project to deliver on a short lead time but you only have limited amount of resources. How will you meet your deadline when ALL the odds are against you?

A while back, I was thrust in this exact situation. I had only 3 resources including myself to work on a sizable chunk of data. We had to complete this project within the year. Most of the resources were not full time, so we had to ensure productivity was high every time they were available.

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Why You Should Clear Off Your PTPTN Study Loan As Soon As Possible And How To Save RM20k Doing It

by Ah Yen on May 3rd, 2012 | Posted in Money | Tags:

Picture of a money stack

What most graduates do is service their PTPTN loan diligently, paying off the minimum amount every month either from a deduction off their paycheck or by banking in the instalments directly to PTPTN. What they don’t know is that a portion of the payment goes to servicing the interest and the remaining goes towards reducing the principal.

For example, a monthly payment of RM500 would only reduce the principal amount by RM300 with RM200 used to pay off the monthly interest. A whole year’s payment, RM6,000 will only reduce the principal amount by RM3,600 with RM2,400 gone towards servicing the interest. This of course is just an example but let us just use this for now. The actual amount would of course be determined by how much you borrowed from PTPTN in the first place.
Those with cash to spare would consider settling the whole amount upfront and reap a rebate from PTPTN itself but for those who cannot do so, what CAN you do?
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Bersih 3.0 Resistance is Futile

by Ah Yen on April 28th, 2012 | Posted in inspireMe™ | Tags:

Denial is the beginning of acceptance of the hard truth, especially when you have spent so much time convincing yourself of the status quo that you eat, live and breathe. It shows a sign of faith, faith that you have in the existing system, no matter how broken, of something that you hold close to your heart and soul.

You start to vent your anger as you discover the current system is collapsing and all that you have worked for will be in vain. All those years of building and constructing sums to zero as the walls begin to crumble under the very foundation you sold your soul to.

Looking for alternatives, you begin to check for any possible opportunities in the new future.You start to look for ways to preserve your status, your value in the current system but yet you cannot find any.

All hope is lost, you tell yourself. Everyone around you has started to embrace the truth. You begin to lose hope but yet you cannot bring yourself to follow your heart. You start to not care about what happens, falling into a state of depression.

The tides turn and you know you have lost. The walls have come down and all that remains are reminisce of a twisted future. The corrupt system you defended so boldly is no longer there. You curse yourself for not being an early adopter and now you don’t have a choice but to be a laggard.

Examining the pieces of your shattered resolve, you find that deep down inside, the very reason you fought so hard in the first place was for the exact same reason the new adopters are fighting for now.

You remember now that somewhere along the journey you have lost your way, misguided by the very trolls of greed and corruption. All the complications of the system has made you someone you never wanted to be.

Your vision now is clear. You know what you are fighting for.

You always have.

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Making Sense of the PTPTN Interest Conversion (3% to 1% Ujrah)

by Ah Yen on January 28th, 2011 | Posted in Money | Tags:

Picture of PTPTN homepage banner

Sometime in 2008, PTPTN announced that there would be a plan to reduce the interest rate for PTPTN loans from 3% to 1% Ujrah. It was not until late last year (2010) that PTPTN finalized the mechanism for this change. What you had to do was declare your interest by submitting your e-mail and IC number to their website and upon approval an email will be sent to you notifying that there will be an offer letter sent at a later date. Once the offer letter is sent, there will be a period of 90 days to consider if you would want to convert to the new loan scheme so before you sign on that dotted line, make sure you read this post to the end!

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What Would You Do If Someone Cut Queue Right in Front of You?

by Ah Yen on June 29th, 2010 | Posted in inspireMe™ | Tags: ,

Yes, what if someone cut queue and slipped right in front of you? What would you do? Would you tell that person to get back in line? What if he/she didn’t give a damn? It happens and it happened to me yesterday evening. Read on for the twist in the story.
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The Global Mobile Phone Market Share: Pre-2000s to Date

by Ah Yen on June 24th, 2010 | Posted in Stuf | Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

Browsing through some finance blogs, I found this at Bloomberg – a chart which depicts the slow demise of Nokia as the reigning phone giant it used to be. The chart was a comparison between Nokia, Apple and RIM with Apple leading the herd and growing 8X larger than the former giant Nokia. When I saw this chart I wondered, what about the rest of the industry? So I went on and scoured the Net and came up with a timeline of what happened in the mobile industry from the pre-2000s to date. Read on for more.

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Amazing Stunt Riding…on a Carbon Road Bike

by Ah Yen on June 21st, 2010 | Posted in Stuf | Tags:

Conventional wisdom has it that most two-wheeled stunts are performed on thick, knobby wheels which gives you more grip and absorbs most of the impact. But that adage has come to an end as British trials legend Martyn Ashton does it all…on a carbon road bike. Once again, its the biker not the bike that matters. Video after the jump.
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